Build for you Concierge Service

Don't feel like building your interactive content yourself? Just tell us what you need and we will create your project for you. We will also help integrate the content on your website and will ensure it looks great.

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A small step for you, a giant leap for your business


Send us your requirements in a spreadsheet and we will assess the project's feasibility.


Once we confirm the feasibility and give you a final quote, you can complete the checkout.


We will deliver a first draft of your build within 5-7 business days.


When the build is complete, we explain how you can make future changes yourself.


Initiate or confirm your concierge service below


What can you expect?


Your concierge request contains clear instructions that include a precise specification of:

  • Inputs: the questions to be asked and preference for display type
  • Formulas and outputs: a clear overview of how inputs are connected to get to an output
  • Design examples of how you want the calculator to look, including colors and fonts

Be aware we need a clear overview. Providing your current Excel is insufficient. We cannot backward engineer a complicated sheet with many hidden and/or nested functions.


Based on your specifications, we will assess the feasibility and give an exact quote for the build.

When you agree to the quoted price and the build, you can revisit this webpage and complete the Confirm Concierge checkout using the ID you received in your request.

With your payment, you agree to our concierge service terms and conditions including the refund policy stated in the FAQ on this page.

After receiving your payment we will get started on your build and we will deliver the first draft within 5 to 10 working days.


We will build the project according to your original specifications. Off-course it is always possible to change your mind and add or remove parts of the build. But know that for extensions, we can require an additional charge.

When we deliver the calculator, we ask you to check the design, inputs, and formulas (outputs). We will implement revisions based on your feedback. The revisions are primarily focused on fixing bugs/mistakes and making minor changes.

Note: in most cases, an active subscription is usually necessary to make and keep your project operational. You can check our subscription plans and pricing here.


After the delivery of the definite calculator, we can plan a call to explain how your interactive content works and how you can implement updates yourself in our builder.

Although you can update the calculator yourself, we can make small changes for you without cost. Examples of small changes are, updating the copy of a question, and updating one or two formulas to include updated prices.

Larger updates to your project will require a new concierge service agreement. Examples of large updates include overhauled pricing, adding or removing questions that impact the rest of the build, or including extra integrations with Hubspot, Google Sheets or another external service into your build.


Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below

What is your Refund policy?

We will fully refund your concierge charge when it becomes clear during the build that we are unable to create your project with our ConvertCalculator - e.g. due to missing features or sub-optimal performance.

When the concierge is built according to specifications, we consider our service fulfilled. When we have finished a build, we cannot honor your refund requests, since we’ve put in the effort to deliver the result that we agreed on beforehand.

Can I update the build specifications during or after the build?

Yes, off-course! When you see your working build, you can get inspired and new ideas start to flow. Therefore there is definitely room to extend your original scope and specifications.

Minor updates, we can facilitate without extra charge. For larger updates, we will need to charge an additional fee.

Do we need a subscription apart from the Concierge Service? Which subscription we will need?

Yes, you will need a subscription after your first month of trial to show your calculator live. Our Concierge and design Service is apart from our subscriptions. Your subscription will depend on the features your calculator needs, the number of visits per month, etc. You can check our subscription pricing here.

Can we provide design specifications to match our website?

Yes, you can provide the color palette, font, and overall layout and share your website URL so we can get as close as possible.

In how many days I have my calculator ready to use?

The calculator building will take between 5-7 business days. Do know the build process can vary on the size of the calculator. After you have reviewed the first draft, it will take additional time to edit according to your feedback.

Do you make demos first?

We do not offer live demos. You can check our Templates to see how our calculators work and look.